There have been plenty of rumours about a foldable iPhone in recent years, but so far we haven’t seen any actual leaks, such as CAD drawings or concrete details about the product’s specs or launch schedule.

The reason for this mysterious lack of information, according to the Twitter rumour-monger Dylan, who has made a number of accurate predictions about Apple in recent years, is that the company simply doesn’t think the technology is ready. There are no details available at this point because we’re still a long way from launch.

In a series of tweets, Dylan writes that Apple does have a number of foldable iPhone prototypes in development, but remarks that they are not satisfactory, in the view of the company’s product development team. Unlike other manufacturers which have released products that are “seemingly in beta”, Apple wants to make sure that a foldable iPhone is in no way inferior to current rigid models.

In addition, he claims that Apple is waiting for developments in the market to see if there is really any interest among the public for foldable phones. In other words, to see “whether foldable smartphones will continue to have a place in the market or will fall into obsolescence” – a question of interest to us all.

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This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation (using DeepL) and additional reporting by David Price.