Farberware’s 3-quart air fryer is super cheap, down to $29 right now



Those without an air fryer may be skeptical to bring a new appliance into the mix and give up precious counter or cupboard space. If you’d like to test the trendy appliance without parting with much money or kitchen real estate, pounce on this $29 Farberware 3-quart digital air fryer. It’s currently on sale at Walmart, down $41 for the white model.

Farberware’s digital air fryer has an excellent reputation with over 2,500 reviews, and it’s currently at the lowest price we’ve seen it. The 3-quart capacity is plenty of romm to regularly cook for three or four people. A digital interface is also great for beginners since you can set your air fryer to one of eight cooking programs and walk away. I also happen to like the look of this model. And for $10 more you can order it in black.

Still not quite sure what an air fryer does or if you’d benefit from one? Check out this air fryer buying guide for loads more info on air fryers and the different types available in 2022. 

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