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I probably should have lowered my expectations slightly, but I got on well with these shakes and meal replacement bars, but whether that’s because the main ingredient seemed to be chocolate I couldn’t say.

What is it? The Maxitone Sculptress Diet is a series of products that you can use to replace meals, provide post-workout nutrition and make sure that you’re not gorging on rubbish. Each shake contains around 200 calories, and is jam-packed full of good stuff, such as high-quality protein, green tea extract and L-carnitine. I tried out the Chocolate Delight shakes and the Caramel Crunch diet bars.

How does it work? You replace one or two meals a day with the shake or the diet bars, drink loads of water, and try to exercise as much as you can.

Why is it so great? I was worried that the shakes wouldn’t fill me up (I have been known to panic or fly into rages when hungry), but they did – and the diet bars worked especially well for breakfast. The shakes are really easy to make – you’d have to try pretty hard to mess them up – and because you can take your time drinking them, you feel fuller for longer. It’s also a brilliant alternative if you’re heading on a night out and need something light to keep you going.

Any downsides? There were times when I looked at my boyfriend’s evening meal and forlornly thought, ‘No shake will ever come close to a jacket potato.’ However, that’s just my food-addled brain being greedy. You may have to use a fair amount of willpower, especially on days when your stomach craves carbs and cheese, but the results are speedy and long-lasting (if you keep on going to the gym and cutting back on the booze.)

Click here for more information on the Maxitone range.

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