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SentenceBuilder™  is designed to help elementary aged kids comprehend how to construct grammatically correct sentences as it emphasizes connector words that make up over 80 percent of the English language. SentenceBuilder™ offers a vibrant, fun environment for enhancing kids’s grammar.


What Users Love About the App

“It’s worth spending money on this. Quite lot of information to spend time and teach my child. I know many times we spend one class of therapy by spending same $ but hesitant to spend on app. This is really worth and useful app.”

“I use this app in my speech therapy practice. It is most appropriate for kids- but adults with aphasia also find it helpful. The colorful pictures are very engaging. This app is a wonderful way to get around those issues and focus on grammar and the connector words.”

“What a great value for only $3.99. The kids I have used this app with love it and often then willingly practice learning the new skills on their own. I also appreciate the fact that the developer of this app is very responsive to my suggestions for ways that this app can be improved.”

“Sentence builder is a supportive, nurturing education application that allows kids to practice both critical reasoning and sentence completion while having fun. Learning is the most powerful when kids are not afraid to fail and they can master concepts by trial and error. This application excels at providing this environment for the kids.”

“Sentence builder has great visuals. It has interactive sound. It has a calm voice. It has large buttons that can be easily understand and used by kids. Finally, it has an intuitive, non-complicated interface. Buy it for your kids at home, or if you are teacher, buy it for the kids in your classroom!”

What Users Dislike About the App

“Agh! These same animals again! I saw these same clip art animations in the “If You’re Happy” song app. They’re too large for the quality, not a consistent style, and to be honest, a little creepy!”

“The background art is just terrible!!! Sorry, but I get so frustrated when people spend the time and money to make these apps and don’t seem to try. Why would you charge $3.99 when you don’t seem to have spent that on the art??”

“Nice idea, but buggy. For example, the picture of a boy putting ketchup on his hotdog tells the child (my client) to keep trying (ie, you are wrong) even when the phrase is correctly sequenced (he’s putting ketchup on his hotdog). These types of errors are bothersome.”

“My suggestions include making an option for reinforcement after every sentence and allowing multiple players at once. Also, the boxer reinforcer looks a little inappropriate and prompted an inappropriate comment from one of my students.”

“I would suggest moving the select and skip buttons. They are too close to the spinners and the clients often touch them by accident. This can be very difficult for Autistic students to deal with. I would also like to see more complex sentences added for the higher functioning students.”

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