The last watch you’ll ever need is on sale for its best price yet

Smartwatches are popular these days, but one of the downsides is that you constantly have to charge them or else they don’t work. Wouldn’t it be nice to just strap a watch to your wrist and never have to worry about it? Well, if that sounds appealing to you, this is the G-Shock watch for you. Casio’s Solar Atomic GWM5610 offers all the basic features you’d need from a watch alongside extreme durability and more. Right now, you can pick one up at Walmart for just $81, which is the best price around by quite a long shot.

At first glance, this watch doesn’t look like anything special, but that’s kind of what makes it appealing. It’s a basic digital style watch that shows you the time, day of week and date, as well as lets you set alarms and more. The parts that are really cool about the watch is the fact that it’s solar powered, so it recharges while you wear it outside automatically. There’s a battery meter that shows low, medium and high so you know how much battery it has. It also has Multi Band 6 built in, which means that at night it automatically syncs the time for you so that your watch is always showing the accurate time (even after a daylight savings time switch).

The G-Shock GWM5610 is water resistant, shows the time for 29 time zones and can withstand just about any abuse you can put it through. Whether you are looking for a weekend beater watch or something to wear all the time without thinking about it, this is the one to get.

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