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Action movies are some of the biggest blockbusters that consistently get us to leave our homes for a premium viewing experience. Whether it’s the over-the-top explosions of a Michael Bay film, the masterful stunts in a Jackie Chan film, or the latest universe-expanding MCU film, these films consistently keep us entertained — so much that we had to ask ourselves which ones are our favorites and what are the favorites of the readers on IGN?

Welcome back for another edition of Let’s Talk About. Today’s topic is all about our favorite action movies. With Top Gun: Maverick releasing this week, we thought it would be a great time to discuss your and our opinions on the original and other action movies that have defined or innovated in the genre.

So what is your all-time favorite action movie? Do you have fond memories of watching classics like Die Hard, Police Story, or Raiders of the Lost Ark? We want to hear from you about which action movie or franchises are your favorites. Which one would you like to make a comeback? Is there a franchise that came back that you wish would have stayed dormant? Which generation do you think had the best action movies? Was it the ’80s golden era with movies RoboCop, Predator, and Lethal Weapon? How about the ’90s, with The Matrix, Face/Off, and Blade? Maybe it’s the post-2000s era with newer films or franchises like John Wick, Kill Bill, or Oldboy? Let us know in the comments.

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