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In case you hadn’t heard, Apple is discontinuing the iPod Touch. And just a couple of days since the announcement, Apple’s online store has already sold out of its entire stock. But it’s not too late to pick one up. A few retailers still have some models in stock (see it at Amazon). If you want to pick up a brand-new iPod Touch before it goes the way of the dodo, keep reading.

iPod Touch at Amazon

iPod Touch - 32GB - Space Gray

iPod Touch – 32GB – Space Gray

Check “See All Buying Options” and you may still be able to get a space gray one for $189.99.

5% off $199.00

iPod Touch - 32GB - Pink

Amazon is running out of stock pretty quickly. Just a few days ago you could get a 128GB or 256GB model, but not anymore. All Amazon has left is the 32GB model in either space gray or pink. They’re even on sale for $10 off.

iPod Touch at Best Buy

iPod Touch - 32GB
iPod Touch - 128GB

Best Buy has the 128GB model in stock in limited color options, but they’re not on sale.

iPod Touch at Walmart

iPod Touch - 32GB
iPod Touch - 128GB

Why Would You Want an iPod Touch in this, the year 2022?

Plenty of reasons, my friend. Ever since it was first introduced, the iPod Touch has basically been an iPhone without the cell connection. You can use them to play games, make FaceTime calls, listen to music and podcasts, browse the web, and just about everything else you can do on an iPhone short of making phone calls or getting online where there’s no Wi-Fi. They’re also great for kids too young to have a phone.

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