Overwatch 2 tips and tricks: Get ahead in Blizzard’s shooter

(Pocket-lint) – Overwatch 2 isn’t really fully out, but the wide scale of its ongoing public beta means that absolutely loads of players are getting the chance to jump into the game and try out its multiplayer offering.

If you’re heading into Overwatch 2 but don’t know where to start, or if you played a lot of the first Overwatch but you’re rusty after a few years out, these tips could help you get started with some less frustrating games.

Don’t be afraid to queue

Overwatch 2 has brought over the role queue system that was added to Overwatch a couple years on from its launch, which lets you queue according to which category of character you’re going to use when you find a game.

As you’ll quickly see, this has led to longer queues for damage and tank characters compared to support options that heal and buff their team. While it might be tempting to just pick support for your first few hours to guarantee a quick matchmaking experience, we think it’s worth sticking it out in some queues.

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After all, you’ll only really get a sense for the game by trying out different styles of play – so stick with a queue at least a few times to give yourself that freedom.

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Use the practice range

Both while you’re waiting for a game and at any other time you can hop into a practice range full of slow-moving robots to try out any character’s full moveset if you want to, and we think this is a must for most new or returning players.

While you don’t get the challenge of random movement and teamplay to contend with, it’s a perfect and quick way to get a sense of how a character works, and how their powers function. Going into a game with a character you’ve never even practised with is, after all, a bit risky.

Don’t charge in

Speaking of risk, when you’re actually in a match something to have in the back of your mind should be staying alive – a huge part of Overwatch 2’s strategy is about picking the enemy team off, or wiping them out all in one go, so that you can sweep through a capture point or objective. If you manage to fall back and regroup, that’ll almost always be better than dying.

Of course, you have to balance this with still being useful for your team, something that might not be as easy to achieve if you’re too prone to running away. It’s a line you’ll learn to tread over time.

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Pick a few characters to learn

With a pretty sizeable cast that’s already grown with the addition of Sojourn, you might not know where to start with picking characters. We think this shouldn’t matter too much, so long as you bear in mind that it will likely take a few hours to get used to a character fully.

So, if you find one that feels good in the practice range, consider sticking with it in real matches for an hour or two to really develop a feel for how it plays. This familiarity will be a great help as you improve. That said, make sure to do this with a couple of heroes in each section, so that if your pick is already taken you’re not in too much trouble.

Play the objective

This is a little basic, but you’d be surprised how many people forget. Overwatch has all the trappings of a shooter, but you’re rarely just in a kill race against the other team. Far more important is whatever objective you’re playing.

Whether you’re pushing a robot toward their base or fighting over a control point, be sure to remember that all the kills in the world aren’t useful if you lose the match – make a beeline for whatever area will help you that objective and you’ll be on the right track.

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Adrian Willings.

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