PS5 Pro tipped again with reports AMD is working on chip

(Pocket-lint) – AMD might be looking for a new employee to work on a project for Sony’s potential PS5 Pro, the expected follow-up to the base PlayStation 5 that it is presumably working on, based on how it handled the PS4 generation.

The rumour is sourced from a job listing that AMD has posted on LinkedIn, which describes a role working on the RDNA chips that power both PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and describes a “next-generation chip development project”.

While there’s no out-and-out confirmation that the chip is destined for a new version of the PS5, the timeline would be relatively consistent given that the PS4 Pro came out about three years after the basic PS4, and we’re now on our way to two years with the PS5.

Of course, it could just as easily be working on an enhanced version of the Xbox Series X, albeit one which could end up having a complicated name to figure out, but more smoke is currently circulating around a likely PS5 Pro.

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We’ll have to likely wait a long while longer before we get any official hints from Sony (or Xbox) about its plans for new versions of the PS5, and one huge factor will be the supply chain issues that are still affecting its sales of the console significantly.

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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