Facebook Fake Reviews Policy Is Official, With Real Consequences

It’s no secret that Facebook has ongoing disinformation and misinformation problems. Those are alongside others such as those pertaining to deep fakes. And, of course, the company has made strides to combat those issues, including somewhat unofficial measures meant to combat fake or paid product reviews on the Facebook platform. Now, company parent Meta has announced that it’s taking those measures more official for the Facebook platform in the US.

How is Facebook fighting fake reviews with changes to policies?

Many aspects of the review policy will remain similar to what is effectively already in place. Now Meta’s Community Feedback Policy for Facebook and its other apps and platforms is explicit, outright banning fake or paid reviews.

That means that users who post those are more likely to face consequences for those activities, for starters. But they also can’t leave reviews that are “irrelevant” or spam reviews in exchange for rewards. And reviews that contain content in violation of other policies, such as those pertaining to graphic or offensive content, aren’t allowed either.


Facebook will continue to look at reviews that potentially violate its policy on a case-by-case basis. The reviews themselves may be automated or reviewed by a real person. The company will give users found to be in violation an opportunity to request a secondary review of the content. That will likely be conducted by a real person as opposed to being run through automation again.

However, it also says that the violating posts will be pulled down. Moreover, repeat offenders can face much more severe consequences. Such as a permanent ban or long-term suspensions and bans on personal accounts. Businesses found to be taking part in the activity could lose product listing and tagging access as well.

Since the Meta-owned company has already been working to commit to fighting fake reviews, most end users won’t likely see a big change on their end. But this does highlight the importance for users on the ever-popular social platform to only share legitimate reviews.


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