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This app is a motivational tool that can be used on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. IReward helps you create a token board to reinforce positive behaviors using visual rewards. This app is particularly great for parents of kids with disorders such as autism, ADHD, anxiety, and developmental delays because it serves as a form of motivation to them. The app is customizable and supports multiple users.


What Users Love About the App

“I used this for the first time last night with my 19 year old autistic son. After many years of using various token economy systems, he immediately grasped its intention. Although the concept is very simple, he found it rewarding enough to complete requests he normally balks at uncomplainingly.”

“Using an iPod, iPad, or iPhone, teachers can setup a variety of different earning charts for one student, or many students. Gone are the days of laminating and cutting out photos to attach to an earning chart. With iReward, educators simply use the internal camera or Google Image search to find an appropriate image.”

“What sets iReward apart from traditional earning charts is the fact that it is not as stigmatizing. Students carrying portable electronic devices look very much like any other student. The small screen of an iPod or iPhone makes it easy to record student progress discretely.”

“I use this application daily within my clinical treatment environment!! It has been EXTREMELY effective in helping children stay on task while providing clear feedback. It’s very easy to use and can be customized to the likes of each child individually.”

“I was very pleased with this app! It is easy to use & individualize for my child’s goals. She has Asperger’s so use of a token economy such as this is very helpful. Not to say it could not be used for any child, because it can. It is also helpful as it is portable.”

What Users Dislike About the App

“This app continually freezes and crashes. Great concept but doesn’t work! Please fix this or offer refunds.”

“It doesn’t even have sounds or even any feedback when a reward has been earned. Lousy.”

“Highly disappointed! I cannot edit old info already on there, nor edit pictures and rewards. Can’t use it and want money back!”

“I was little disappointed to find that I can’t track rewards for multiple kids. I wish I could get my money back.”

“I was hoping this app would be helpful. This app hasn’t been updated in 5 years. So many features do NOT work. Save your money.”

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