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With Kahoot, you can make short learning games within a few minutes either as an educator or a parent. You can include a few images or videos to make your points easily understood and then let kids play on their own screens. To motivate learners to play, broadcast the content on the bigger screen.


What Users Love About the App

“I like the online quiz functionality. My colleagues and I have been forced to work remotely the last few months due to lockdowns. We use Kahoot weekly to play fun games together in company wide meetings for prizes. It’s a great way to bond with coworkers when working remotely.”

“My favorite thing about Kahoot is that my students think it is a game and not an assessment or learning tool. Any time I use a Kahoot as a formative assessment at the end of a lesson, my students are excited to play, even at times that they may not have enjoyed the lesson content.”

“Kahoot is a great way to bring up the energy level in a classroom or even corporate setting. The platform is based on selecting multiple choice answers from a given question, and the faster the correct answer is chosen, the more points that are give to the participant. After each question, a leaderboard is shown. Kahoot quizzes are made by many contributors, many of which are public and can be played and assigned by anyone, or can be duplicated and edited.”

“Kahoot provides a very interactive and engaging platform where people can learn through games. Schools, universities, and many other organizations use it to conduct online quizzes and many other fun activities through which students and employees can learn and understand new things. Kahoot is vey easy to use and even a first tim user can easilynavigate through the website.”

“The engagement factor and how it is adaptable inside the classroom. Students seem to love this program. Great for educational use as learning becomes a game, and friendly competition among students pushes them to understand what the teacher is teaching. I think the ability to add images and Youtube videos to the Kahoots adds even more to the interactivity of the platform.”

What Users Dislike About the App

“The only thing I dislike about Kahoot is that when you’re making a custom quiz, images are no longer available from the free version. You can still use GIFs, which work just as well, but I don’t know why the developers would remove the images.”

“The only thing kahoot lacks is in terms of convinience, it is a great idea but usually due to some problem or other kahoot faces a minor lag and this results in out of sync questions and answers that takes away all the fun and makes it a lot more frustrating rather than interesting.”

“Since every participant can make their nicknames, there were times the winners could not recognize them. Hopeful, there is a way to identify the winner in another legitimate way while using the preferred nickname.”

“Something I dislike about Kahoot is that it is entirely reliant on technology; if a student doesn’t have a laptop or device because they left it at home or it isn’t charged, then they cannot participate.”

“The only single thing which I seem to dislike in Kahoot is that most of the time the live stream have a minor delay which is in milliseconds and usually unnoticeable but since Kahoot runs in realtime most of the time the option to select an answer pops up without any question on the screen which makes it hard to score more even when you know the answer.”

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