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Kaizena makes assessing work on Google Drive easier and faster. With Kaizena, you can give a faster response to your learners’ work and provide more personal feedback using your voice in place of text. You can share feedback privately with your learners on iPhone, iPad, or iPod, and learners can also share their work with you from any app on anytime.


What Users Love About the App

“Students will like how easy it is to give and receive audio and text feedback from teachers and peer collaborators, and how they can instantly edit their writing within Google Docs.”

“This is an excellent tool with many more uses than it is reviewed and sold for. It can be used for feedback, tutorials, oral productions, listening comprehension and podcasts and much more.”

“Really easy to use audio comments for both teachers and students. The ability for students to add work where specific areas for improvement can be highlighted and commented on is very powerful. The ability for teachers to create and attach lessons for common feedback will save teachers time but make the feedback meaningful.”

“I use this product to provide feedback to my students on their Google docs. This is especially useful with my spec Ed kids who have more challenges with reading. Being able to speak out feedback and questions to the teachers is enormously helpful.”

“The product solves the main problem of providing genunine feedback to students in an engaging, effective and user friendly manner. The nature of the product encourages students to actually access and apply the descripGive feedback from teachers in their learning.”

What Users Dislike About the App

“Improve the GAFE addon so that it has all the features of web tool since everything is housed on drive anyways. Include a mobile app for iOS and android. Create a matrix or spreadsheet to house all comments by subject and student to allow teachers to analyze data for repirt cards”

“It can sometimes be buggy. I would like to see it work more consistently in order to reduce frustration and increase confidence in the tool.”

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