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This Software as a Service (SAAS) platform is an Australian-based childcare management solution, which delivers a broad range of services that are intuitive and innovative. Kidsoft is designed to provide a wide range of solutions to childcare owners and administrators. Services include childcare subsidy management, which offers various applications and feature to help administrators run their facilities. It comes with API-ready functionality, which allows third-party applications to connect seamlessly with the Kidsoft system.


What Users Love About the App

“Easy to use intuitive software designed specifically for the Australian Childcare market. Its been tooled to support the latest Childcare Subsidy changes and is suitable for single centres to very large centres. Being truly cloud based is compliments well to other software products which enable you to be confident that Kidsoft is future proof for your growing childcare organization”

“Kidsoft CCMS is getting better and better since the childcare centre started using it. It even has a payment system that helps us update payment without hassle. What I love about it are the free applications.”

“This app provides a simple way to book Osh club for my son. It would ve great if it could sync with the phones calendar to remind of bookings etc”

“Easy to add and edit bookings. Simple and easy to use app. Love it!”

“Leading edge Software designed for the Childcare. Easy to use intuitive software.”

What Users Dislike About the App

“Nothing as I can’t use it. Tried to submit form for waitlist but despite every field completed and all marked as ticks and acknowledgement ticked in both places I still can’t submit the form but there’s no error”

“Nothing at all. It is so difficult to use. This program is not user friendly, nothing has been transferred from kidwizz correctly. AWFUL”

“This app doesn’t even work. You can’t login, it just boots you straight out. Support just asked me to uninstall and reinstall it. No support, no care. I’m going to be advising my centre that they need to seek out a new provider for this service.”

“Downloaded the app, signed in and the loading screen was displaying. The menu was behind the loading symbol and it kept refreshing like it was glitching, badly.’

“Absolutely useless app, can’t even login. Try to use the website instead and no option to make payments so it’s a pretty useless website as well.”

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