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Kinder m8 is a mobile application designed to support childcare center owners with communication, education, and administration. Features include push time notifications to inform parents viable information, personalized statistics, and information about kids’ performance, customizable templates to assist administrative staff with professional reports, personalized details about learning objectives, and interactive interfaces for parents and staff


What Users Love About the App

“Enhanced performance and most of app functionalities are functioning well with the latest update. Parents feel secured of their children since all their daily routines in the child care centers are notified to them through email and app notifications. Impressive improvement in all aspects.”

“Quite impressive.. The latest update contains of features which indeed are very beneficial for all parents who have kids attending child care centers. Extremely private and secure Communication with the child’s educators and receiving email and in app notification alerts are developed well through the app.”

“Great app, With new update, its user friendly, beautiful and easy to navigate. More importantly its great app to track what my kids doing in child care”

“In love with the newest update containing enhanced features which is useful for parents to be updated about their child’s daily routines.”

“Have been in touch with support and they were great and very quick to respond! I can now use this app again.”

What Users Dislike About the App

“Too many notifications and no way to turn off likes vs keep important messages. Needs to better use notification channels”

“Never opens. Tells me I have the wrong details, when I KNOW I don’t. I reset password with new password, try again and refreshes to the login in screen again and again.”

“App crashes all the time, some days as much as 10 times. If it wasn’t for my kids childcare, I would delete it. Developer should look into why it is happening, as everyone that I know who has this says the same thing happens on theirs.”

“There is a problem with this app’s latest update. Phone freezes, and you have to restart it when you try to read daily updates. Please fix it!”

“App is up to date and been reinstalled and still doesn’t work properly. Can’t even read the daily summary without it crashing.”

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