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LEGO Education has been working for over 37 years to find new and fun ways to encourage education among young kids. From tangible to virtual, they offer resources to make learning interactive and rewarding and allow kids to learn how they want. With the LEGO system for playful learning, preschool to middle school learners will get a better approach to science, technology, engineering, and math fields (STEM).


What Users Love About the App

“It’s simple and fun. Easily relatable to children. A great platform for future STEM individuals to launch from at a young age.”

“The world of technology is motivating and now in a means of entertainment like Lego, it’s captivating and fun to have these products with tip-top technology.”

“Enjoyed the SPIKE Prime training, the range is immediately accessible with no limits to what can be imagined – and built.”

“Lego education is a hands on activity based learning in which a child can create what he or she is imagining. It’s truly a source of education through playing.”

“It’s very easy to build any shape, and learn what is needed with great fun way. programming and Building give new energy and encouragement to feel like creator.”

What Users Dislike About the App

“There is something wrong with their order verification process. I try to place an order on their site since January 1st with no luck. I never receive a notification that something was wrong, my credit card was even showing the pending charge as usual. One week later, the order was never shipped, I called and they told me the order the order was cancelled due to their order verification process.”

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