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Lemonade is a learning platform that works alongside customers’ existing LMS to deliver a different learning experience and tracking system. On this platform, effective learning experiences can be created using game-based training, product simulations, and role-play scenarios—all in a story-driven narrative. The platform uses real-time analytics to measure performance and identify gaps in the learning process and improve business value. Lemonade allows the integration of other LMD, CRM, and employee reward platforms that users have used previously.


What Users Love About the App

“We’ve found the platform’s agility and ease of both content development and deployment significantly differentiate it from our traditional L&D platforms. Lemonade gives us the ability to support major change management events with robust learning experiences, and also support more tactical content for niche, or unexpected needs with same week, even same day turnaround. Large or small, Lemonade has become a crucial tool in our ability to service Customers and meet growth goals.”

“The game-based experience keeps our learners engaged and active participants. Course creation is very intuitive, allowing you to create new courses with little effort. Multiple step types provide the course writer with options to present different ways of delivering content that will keep the learner engaged. Role play scenarios are very useful in providing knowledge pertaining to specific customer interactions. The real-time course feedback provides learners with the information they need to increase their knowledge on the subject.”

“We chose Lemonade LXP for it’s ability to create an agile learning model – where learners can progress through content they know and spend more time on the content they don’t – while also delivering the content in an engaging way. The platform brings an element of fun for those who enjoy it but also includes the learning tracks and easy-to-use content delivery methods for everyone.”

“I like that the system is user-friendly for the learners and admins. After a short tutorial with our Lemonade rep, our training team was creating our own content. The users can now play games while learning or reinforcing knowledge without taking them away from their branch for an extended period of time to attend training at a training center. I love the reports that we can pull from the system as well. We can pin point our knowledge peaks and gaps, which has helped us modify our training content.”

“I like that this software makes learning policies and procedures fun. Lemonade has made it so that we all are learning more each day while competing to have the most clients. It is very user friendly and easy to navigate through the different tabs and the different courses.”

What Users Dislike About the App

“There have been occasions where a particular set of report detail was needed and not available from the solution but the Launchfire group was able to provide.”

“Currently, the software isn’t user friendly for multiple business units authoring content and learning tracks (it all goes into one bucket for admins to decipher).”

“I wish there was a bit more customization. For example, I would like to be able to remove/disable the grading system.”

“Sometimes I get the questions right and counts them incorrect but i am able to retake the game and boost my score.”

“I wish the video stopped paying it would automatically close on its own and go back to the home screen.”

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