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People commonly ask colleagues for feedback from time to time. But that can be fraught with challenges. After all, how are you to know if they’re genuinely being honest? This is why folks turn to Helpfull when they need honest and constructive reactions and reviews.

The Helpfull Feedback Platform provides creators and businesses easy access to unbiased and detailed criticism for logos, images, text, and more. Create your survey, upload the content you want to be reviewed, and choose your demographics. Within minutes you’ll get constructive feedback from users, so you’ll know what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t.

You might find Helpfull particularly valuable if you’re an app developer or work in QA. QA Specialist Karla Q writes, “Helpfull is a great service to use if you need feedback in real time. In a very interactive and fun way that makes you excited to view the results.”

With the Helpfull Premium Plan, you’ll get two free questions per test and 50 credits per month. Additionally, you can export results to PDF or Excel for further analysis, they offer support via phone or the web, and it’s also compatible with all operating systems. And since a one-year subscription is on sale for only $39, it’s easy to fit the cost within virtually any budget. 

Helpfull Feedback Platform: 1-Yr Subscription – $39

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