Amazon’s ‘Shark Tank’ Collection is a treasure trove of problem-solving products — our picks start at $10

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These genius products might just save you time, energy and money. (Photo: Amazon)

Shark Tank has blessed us with tons of ideas intrepid entrepreneurs are trying to get off the ground. Some of those products are wacky and don’t make it to the marketplace, while others are truly genius inventions that can actually make your life easier. A lot of them seem tailor-made for Amazon, it’s no surprise that you can find them on the site, but there are so many that the internet giant set up a page dedicated to Shark Tank products. There are a lot of brilliant gadgets to sort through, so we’ve put together a list of the highest-rated lowest-priced standouts — they’re all under $30, but prices start at just $10.

“I got stung by a wasp tonight, and immediately my finger started swelling and throbbing,” wrote a satisfied customer. “I ran it under cold water out of desperation, but it did nothing to relieve me. Suddenly I remembered this Bug Bite Thing!!! I gave it a shot…. At first it seemed like it did nothing and I was a bit disappointed, but one minute later I suddenly felt the pain lifting. My finger was still kinda swollen for another hour, but the pain completely disappeared!!!!!”

“I will never lug a heavy plastic detergent bottle again!” shared a happy shopper. “This product is wonderful. It not only cleans exceptionally well but dissolves instantly in water and leaves clothes smelling fresh with a light clean scent. The big bonus is that it is so great for the environment…. Just think of the convenience when traveling, no messy bottles that can accidentally spill or worse yet are tossed in garbage after use to add to the growing problem of plastic pollution. Now they should work on shampoo and body soap, two big- plastic-bottle contributors to waste and garbage. I have faith in this company.”

“I bought these for my dad at Christmas because he is always losing or misplacing his glasses,” a five-star fan raved. “This product worked so well I bought him four more for his birthday because he forgets to take them off of his shirts sometimes. FYI… these have gone through the washer and dryer with no issues thus far. LOL! I also bought a set for myself.”

“The last time I dropped my credit card between the seats I was in the drive-thru at my pharmacy,” reported a delighted customer. “I had to get out of the car and crawl onto the floorboard of the back seat, much to the laughter of my friends. I said, ‘Never Again’ and ordered this product. These really work. I dropped something the other week and felt that dreaded feeling…but it was right by my side. What a great invention for a simple problem.”

“I bought two of these after camping with a friend who had one,” shared a happy camper. “The solar panel easily recharges during the day and it lasts all night, and it is bright enough to illuminate my campsite or tent. I like the color changing lights because I can use it on my paddleboard or kayak when paddling at night (red and green lights are required). It’s super light and inflates easily. Highly recommended!”

“I was completely amazed! I know I lose hair in the shower, but this much??” shared a five-star fan. “I was recently getting ready to clean my shower and thought, Oh I should look again! I was shocked and disgusted how much hair it got before it stuck in my drain! I will definitely buy again!”

“I originally purchased it because it looked like fun and I could use it while watching TV,” reported a satisfied shopper. “I needed to get moving more, although I walk my dogs every morning. I HATE exercise. To my surprise, my overall balance improved. I did not have any issues before, but as I used my board more, I found walking and moving to be so much more easy. I am now 71 years old and I use the Simply Fit Board to keep my mind active, my stress levels low, my balance as good as it can be. By strengthening my core, what little back issue I had has now completely gone away…If you are looking for an easy way to stay relatively fit and have fun as well, this is the way to go.”

“I never thought I would have an opinion on a baggie, but here we are,” wrote a rave reviewer. “I have five of these, one for each day of the week. I make my husband a sandwich to take for lunch every day, and these baggies have made a world of difference. Yeah, they cost more than a box of Ziplocs, but it’s one time, not every few weeks. They hold up extremely well, they’re easy to wash and dry, and they keep his sandwich’s extremely fresh!… Eventually I’ll get different sizes to use around the kitchen and phase out Ziplocs all together.”

“No more wasted lotion!! Absolutely amazing idea and works on so many things!,” wrote an enthusiastic shopper. “I used to cut the top of my lotion bottle off to get the last inch or so that wouldn’t pump out, and it would dry out and get lumpy. This is the simplest but smartest little tool!”

“I love this thing,” reported a rave reviewer. “My rims are always clean. The power is incredible…it’s like it is electrical or gas-powered or something, so you have to remind yourself that it’s just water-powered. I love being able to switch it off with the handy switch…. I even use it to scrub really dried-up bugs off the front of the car…be careful, because my wife swears I’m gonna ruin the plastic, and you might, i guess. But i haven’t yet. 🙂”

“Wow, this is SUCH a great product!” wrote an enthusiastic cook. “I’ve used it three times since receiving it earlier this week and cannot get over how much kitchen cleanup time it’s saved me. There’s only the smallest possible amount of food mist on my cooktop.”

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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