Bladder Relief 911 Reviews – Does This Supplement Really Works? Don’t Buy Bladder Relief 911 Until You Read This!

Causes for frequent urinary urges

Frequent urination is the condition when you need to urinate many times throughout a 24-hour period which will ultimately be inconvenient and disruptive for day-to-day activities. This can be an alarming symptom of different conditions. At some points in your life, like during pregnancy, you may need to pee more frequently. This can be a normal symptom of something like pregnancy and it usually passes after birth. However, frequent urination can be a symptom of more serious conditions like diabetes, overactive bladder syndrome, UTIs, or prostate problems. Needing to urinate frequently can even disturb your sleep. That full bladder that keeps waking you up in the middle of an otherwise good night’s sleep is a condition called nocturia.  

Although frequent urination can be seen at any age due to the underline causes this can be more commonly seen in people who are middle-aged or old adults, pregnant, or have an enlarged prostate. 

There are actually many different conditions that could cause frequent urination. Many of these causes are based on your age, gender, or possibly even both. The most common causes of frequent urinary urges can be summarized below. 

  • Prostate problems 

  • Having a stroke. 

  • Developing a pelvic tumor. 

  • Using diuretics (medications that help remove extra salt and water from the body through urine). 

  • Having vaginitis  (Inflammation of the vagina). 

  • Having a prolapse of the female pelvic organs through the vagina. 

  • Radiation therapy to the pelvic area. 

  • Drinking too much alcohol or caffeine. 

Frequent urination can be controlled, and often, stopped over time and with treatment. Your healthcare provider will usually start by determining the cause of your symptom. Other than that, there are several lifestyle changes and non-medicated ways to manage your frequent urination. These can include: 

  • Limiting the amount of alcohol and caffeine you drink. 

  • Doing Kegel exercises  to build up strength in your pelvic floor. These muscles support the organs in the pelvis, including your bladder. Kegel exercises are often prescribed to women after childbirth because of the stress having a baby place on the pelvic floor muscles. 

  • Wearing a protective pad or underwear to avoid leaks. This is a short-term solution that can help you keep living your life while your condition is being treated. 

Bladder Relief 911: 


“Bladder Relief 911 ” pill is a 100% natural supplement that is developed to address the above-mentioned issue of frequent urination due to the problems associated with the urinary bladder. It addresses the root cause of bladder-related Problems. It helps to flush out the unhealthy microorganisms in the bladder and also to fight against the overactive bladder. It has anti-bacterial properties and muscle straighteners that enhance your urinary health. This product is a 100% natural product manufactured in the USA under a GMP-certified laboratory. 



How does Bladder Relief 911 work in reducing urinary urges? 


The revolutionary formula in cooperated to synthesize this supplementary pill will work in different ways to prevent frequent urination and weak bladder. According to the manufacturers, it works in three main ways to prevent these issues associated with the bladder. 

  1. Stress Relief Complex- Bladder Relief 911 will reduce the stress chemicals responsible for causing these urgent pee signals at unwanted times. The active ingredients in these capsules will reduce the release of cortisol and will calm down the brain. 

  1. Bladder Muscle Rejuvenation –Bladder Relief 911 pills strengthen the muscles of the bladder as the muscles lining the bladder and pelvic floor are overworked, weak, and cause issues.  

  1. Killing the bacteria causing Urinary Tract Infections– The potent formula in Bladder Relief 911 pills eradicates the harmful bacteria that cause UTIs. 

Ingredients of Bladder Relief 911: 


According to the manufacturer, PhytAge laboratories there are four main ingredients included in formulating this formula. The synergistic effects of these ingredients will enhance the functions of the bladder which will prevent unnecessary urinary urges. Bladder Relief 911 is a 100% natural product containing pure ingredients derived from plants. The activities of the natural ingredients in this product can be summarized below. 


  • D – Mannose – D-mannose is a monosaccharide naturally found in fruits and is commonly marketed as a dietary supplement for reducing the risk for UTIs. Research suggests that supplemented D-mannose could be a promising alternative or complementary remedy, especially as a prophylaxis for recurrent UTIs. When excreted in the urine, D-mannose potentially inhibits Escherichia coli, the main causative organism of UTIs, from attaching to urothelium and causing infection.  

  • Cranberry juice powder- Cranberry juice, extracts, and supplements are often recommended to prevent or cure UTIs. That’s because there are special ingredients in cranberries called A-type proanthocyanidins (PACs) that can prevent bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall. 

  • Hibiscus Flower – Hibiscus sabdariffa, also known as Roselle, is a species of Hibiscus, a plant probably native to West Africa and Asia. Hibiscus sabdariffa​has long been used in traditional cultural medicine for bladder and kidney health. Dried calyces of this flower are used to produce an infusion popularly known as hibiscus tea, a calorie- and caffeine-free tea with acidic and antibacterial properties thought to protect against urinary tract infections (UTIs).     

  • Dandelion root extract – This root extract has a toning and tightening effect on the bladder sphincters, which aid the bladder in holding urine. It has a mild laxative effect too. 



The manufacturers of Bladder Relief 911 use 100% pure natural compounds in producing this pill to ensure that this product is 100% safe to use. 


Key Benefits of Bladder Relief 911: 


The advantages of Bladder Relief 911 outweigh the benefits of conventional and traditional treatments used in treating urinary urges and associated factors. Bladder Relief 911 can be named as the most effective and highest quality safe product available today to reduce urinary urges in a natural way. The benefits of Bladder Relief 911 can be summarized as follows; 

  1. Helps in eliminating pathogenic bacteria which cause UTIs and thereby reduces the chance of getting UTIs 

  1. It helps to reduce the cortisol levels in your body and makes you stress-free. 

  1. Makes people with insomnia sleep better without getting their pants wet  

  1. Rejuvenates and boosts the bladder wall and pelvic floor muscle strength. 

  1. Reduces the pain during urination 

  1. Prevents cellular damage and inflammation in the bladder 

  1. Facilitates the growth of healthy bacteria in the urinary tract 

  1. The protocol is very easy to follow. 

  1. Improves the overall health of the individual and mental clarity like never before. 

  1. Prepared in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility. 

  1. Supports better sleep. 

  1. It comes with a 90-day, risk-free, money-back guarantee. 

And the most advantage of this product is up to now there have been no reported complaints about this. Therefore, this product can be recommended without any hesitation. 


Cons of Bladder Relief 911: 

  1. Bladder Relief 911is only available online on the official website and nowhere else 

  1. It is not recommended for patients under medical treatment or pregnant or lactating women and children under the age of 18 


Side Effects of Bladder Relief 911: 


Even though the Bladder Relief 911 supplement is a relatively new supplement, its effectiveness and safety have already been demonstrated. According to the website using this, no one has ever reported having any unfavorable reactions or suffering any adverse effects. According to the official website, Bladder Relief 911 is overwhelmingly safe without any side effects. 

However, always consult with your doctor before beginning any new diet or exercise program.  It is important to talk to your doctor about any potential risks before using the product, as there is currently no information on its safety for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers. 


Which is the best way to use Bladder Relief 911? 


The product is easy to take – just two capsules per day. But it is recommended to your Bladder Relief 911 20-30 minutes before a meal with 8 oz of water. The manufacturers recommend taking this continuously for at least 30 days to obtain better results.  


Bladder Relief 911 Reviews:  


Many people all over the world have used this product. Based on the consumer reports they are highly satisfied with the outputs they obtained by using this product. As proven by the stage of manufacturing testing this product is 100% safe to use and no harmful side effects have been resulted. 

According to the Bladder Relief 911 reviews, one reviewer stated that she thought there was no way this formula could work for her. But she couldn’t stand the thought of wetting her pants again, so she gave this a try. Now she sneezes, coughs, laughs, or whatever and she is fully confident she doesn’t have to worry about another embarrassing accident. She feels young again. She finally thanked the manufacturers. 

Another few comments given by the users can be listed below to emphasize how good this product works for the users. 


  • Jim Murphy of Alpharetta, GA – I never thought I’d find an answer for my bladder. I tried different meds from the doctor, tried those weird Kegel exercises and was ready to sign up for a procedure that was supposed to help me. I gave your product a try first and thank God I did. Now I can go for hours without feeling the urge to go. It only took about 2 weeks for me to happily cancel my surgery date. It feels so good not having to worry constantly anymore. 

  • Barbara Biddy from Congers, New York – I had a reaction to my doctor’s prescribed medication. But once I got off the meds the leaks came right back. I suffered until I found your product on the Internet. It worked! If I didn’t find you, I’m scared to say where I’d be today. 

  • Levi Turner – I ordered Bladder Relief 911 for my mother (64 y.o.). She has frequent exacerbations of cystitis. This supplement is very helpful! However, it must be remembered that it mainly works against the pathogen Escherichia Coli. The supplement helps to effectively remove bacteria from the urinary tract, while it may not be that effective against other microorganisms. In any case, at the first signs of some cystitis and urethritis, I also take Bladder Relief 911, just in case; it can perfectly stop the onset of the disease. 





Bladder Relief 911 Price:  


Even though Bladder Relief 911 is a one-of-a-kind treatment to reduce frequent urination and other bladder-associated bad conditions the price is very reasonable and affordable. Discounts and considerable price reductions for bulk purchases are always associated with this product.  

The price of one Bladder Relief 911 bottle containing 60 pills that can be used for one month is about $69.95.  If you buy two Bladder Relief 911bottles, one bottle will cost only $59.95. If you buy four bottles the cost of one will be $49.95. It is important to note that like most of the other online orders, Bladder Relief 911 has free shipping options available for all purchases. If you buy a single bottle, you will get free shipping.  


Additionally, Bladder Relief 911 is safe and effective for all consumers, thanks to its natural formula. The manufacturers recommend a 90-day money-back guarantee to the customers who do not achieve their results within this period. You will receive a full refund from the company. 

The above discounts and offers are subject to both availability of stock and time of order. Therefore, be mindful to carefully go over the timely discounts available for Bladder Relief 911 every time you visit the website. 


How to Order Bladder Relief 911: 


Bladder Relief 911 is only available online as there is no offline store. Ordering your OWN Bladder Relief 911 is a hassle-free and simple process. The only thing you have to do is to visit the official website of the product and contact the product owner. Information on Bladder Relief 911 retail parks and deals, such as prices, discounts, offers as well as latest developed features are available on the official website. You only need to follow four simple steps to get your own Bladder Relief 911 at your doorstep: 


  1. Complete shipping information, such as your name, email address, phone number, home address, city, country, etc. 

  1. Choose the number of Bladder Relief 911 bottles you intend to buy and add them to your shopping cart. 

  1. Choose the payment method and enter card details. 

  1. Take timely offers available at the time of order and confirm the order! 



Please note that there could be several duplicate products of this nature available online on different websites, such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, or any other retail store. However, the purchase of genuine products is guaranteed only by contacting the product owner from the official website. 




Bladder Relief 911 is a 100% natural GMP-certified natural supplement that helps people to prevent unnecessary urinary urges without taking any medicine or exercises Bladder Relief 911 has been touted as a safe and quick method to get rid of these urinary urges and thereby have a good sleep in the night. The 100% 90-day risk-free policy secures your investment and makes you confident about the legit product. It has no risk involved; you may try Bladder Relief 911 once to achieve better results. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bladder Relief 911: 

Q. How quickly will I get Bladder Relief 911 and how will it be shipped? 

When you order today, Bladder Relief 911 will be shipped to your home or office within 7 business days by UPS/FedEx or USPS. 


Q. How long after taking Bladder Relief 911 will I feel the full effects? 

We recommend giving the product a trial run of at least 90 days for the best results. You should feel its effects within 7 days. 


Q. When should I take Bladder Relief 911? 

As a dietary supplement, take two capsules daily. 


Q. Is it safe? 

Bladder Relief 911 is as safe as a daily multivitamin. It is not a medication. It’s a natural product that is safe to use for healthy men and women. However, if you currently have a medical condition or are taking medication, I would show a bottle to your doctor or pharmacist before taking it. Pregnant women and youth under 18 should not use. 


Bladder Relief 911 scam: 


When you search Bladder Relief 911 in Google or another search engine, these sites show up something like, “Bladder Relief 911: Another SCAM!?!”, or Bladder Relief 911 Reviews: WARNING! or something of that nature. This is often nothing more than an attempt to draw you into their site by making you think they used the product and had a really bad experience with it. These are fake and not real scam alerts or legitimate complaints. Because the title shows SCAM!!!!! Or a really horrible experience, but when we go to the page and read the review and it’s always extremely positive, giving the idea about how great Bladder Relief 911 is. Therefore, they only use the word SCAM to try and draw you into their site because they know if they say something is a scam or a terrible program, you’ll probably click on their link to find out more about it, right? A legitimate bad experience or a real scam alert to help protect consumers is one thing, but don’t fall for this type of trickery and trust your gut when the headline/page title and review don’t match. 

The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook editorial. 

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