Kerassentials Reviews- What Should You Know About This Herbal Fungal Eliminator?

Kerassentials is an all-natural, high-quality nail serum that targets the stubborn toenail fungus. According to the official website, it is best for people with nail fungal infections that take a very long time to heal and keep coming back after some time. 

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Using a nail supplement is highly unlikely, but who wants recurring infections, discolored, chipped, and ugly nails? Kerassentials is a topical serum, and it is applied to the affected area directly. Once absorbed, it starts aiming for the fungal spores that spread the infections. These infections can appear in anyone, irrespective of gender, age, or profession. And topical serums help all these people without discrimination. 

Despite being a new product, Kerassentials has become one of the top-selling nail products. The reason is that it brings real benefits to the user, and these benefits get visible within a few weeks. There are thousands of customers who have used this product, and they are very happy with their experiences. The personal stories and opinions posted on this serum are enough to build trust in this product. If you need more information, especially on ingredients, formulation, and pricing, read the following Kerassentials review. 

Kerassentials Review- An Overview
Fungal nail infections are much more common than your imagination, and millions worldwide suffer from them. These infections make the nails brittle, discolored, thick, and damaged. The infected nails cause a lot of fatigue, require expensive treatments and medications, and when you think they are vanishing, they return. Nothing is more frustrating than a stubborn fungal toenail infection, which is why you need a product that uproots them at once. 

Kerassentials is one of these products that offer maximum support to the nails. The medical term for the nail infection is ‘onychomycosis ,’ and this fungus particularly affects nearly 10% of the world’s population, and 50% of all older adults are likely to get affected by it. This infection shows a discoloration that could be yellow, white, or brown. The nail becomes thick, very weak, or cracked. Sometimes the nail is separated from the nail bed and may also coexist with a bacterial infection. 

Do you know what is worse than having a toenail infection? Having multiple nails affected with this same infection. Not many people know, but this toenail infection is highly contagious, and without proper care and management, it spreads to other nails, including hand nails too. Dealing with multiple nails affected with the same fungal infections can be avoided by taking the right precautions for the initially hit nail. If the damage has spread to the maximum level, only medical treatment can help, but if the damage has just started, serums like Kerassentials offer better relief. 

Continue reading this Kerassentials review to know how it works, which ingredients are inside and where to buy it for the lowest price. 

What is Kerassentials?
Kerassentials is an advanced nail care formula that helps manage toenail fungal infections. According to the official company, it eliminates all fungal spores that germinate and spread the infection. The fungal infections are not as obvious, painful, or distinctive unless they reach a mature stage, which is why people do not even realize they are infected. Using this serum is effective at all stages, but its results show up the best when it is used during the early stages of the infection progression. 

Not only does it control the damage to the nails, but it also improves the skin around the nails. Do not use this serum if you are prescribed medicine or suggested surgery. As mentioned before, serums are best for primary infection control only. 

It comes in a small bottle with an easy-to-use applicator and a dropper. No need to buy a dropper separately and use this product directly on the nails. Read the usage guidelines shared on the official website to understand how Kerassentials works. 

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How Does Kerassentials Kill Fungus?
The information shared by the company reveals that Kerassentials contains a bunch of natural antifungal ingredients that target and kill fungus. These ingredients act upon the root causes of the toenail fungal infections and control them so the body can recover from the infection. By targeting and killing the fungus, the infectious spread to other nails and body parts is also controlled. Within a few weeks, the nail is completely healed and starts growing back. 

Some Kerassentials ingredients offer an immunity boost and skin rejuvenation too. In a way, this serum does not induce anything artificial and uses the body’s actual working machinery to control the damage. Once the fungus is completely removed, the chances of it hitting back are also reduced. Use it for a few weeks to see how it helps in managing the fungal infection. If the results seem too slow, talk to the customer support team and discuss the possibilities. Read the usage guidelines and understand them first before using this product. 

Kerassentials Ingredients List
Unlike the shady companies hiding information on the formula, Kerassentials has shared everything with the public. It uses premium natural ingredients inside, and every one of these ingredients has abundant scientific proof of its efficacy. They are also available separately but using them in the right combination enhances their overall effect. Remember, this product is manufactured under the highest quality standards. It is also tested for the efficacy of results and safety. The ingredients list is mentioned on the official website as well as the product label. Check any of these ingredients to find the benefits, and if any of them seem suspicious, the customer has a full right not to pick this serum.

Here is a list of all ingredients inside the Kerassentials formula. 

•    Lavender Oil: the first name in Kerassentials is lavender oil, an essential oil with numerous health benefits. The latest research proves lavender oil is helpful for toenail fungal infections, as it kills the spores and maintains nail health. The antioxidants in this oil also nourish the skin and regrow the skin cells after the infection is controlled. This oil also has a stress-relieving effect that makes it even more effective for controlling fungal infections. 

•    Organic Flaxseed Oil: this oil is a rich source of omega-3-fatty acids that are essentially required for maintaining nail and skin health. It prevents the nails from weakening and becoming brittle. When the nails are moisturized and strengthened, the chances of them breaking and leaving the nail bed to reduce to zero. 

•    Almond Oil: This oil is a part of various remedies for skin, hair, and nails. It controls the genetic expression that allows the fungal infections to sustain and spread. The application of almond oil as an ingredient in Kerassentials serum helps control the infection.
•    Tea Tree Oil: this ingredient is one of the best natural antifungals, proven by dozens of research studies. It contains a special compound called terpene-4-of which kills all fungal functions from the base and controls the spread. This compound is also effective for viral and bacterial infections and controls the subsidiary infections that show up with toenail fungus.

•    Lemongrass Oil: this Kerassentials is basically an essential oil with proven anti-microbial properties. It is especially effective against fungal infections affecting nails. There are hundreds of antioxidants in lemongrass, and they relieve the inflammation, irritation, itching, and pain caused by the fungus. 

•    Aloe Vera: This ingredient does not need any introduction, as there are hundreds of studies proving its medicinal effect. It is added to the Kerassentials ingredients for its antifungal and antibacterial effect. It protects the skin and nails from damage caused by an opportunistic pathogen. 

•    DL-alpha-Tocopherol: there is growing evidence on DL-alpha-tocopherol suggesting its helpful role in fungal management. It protects the nail and skin from damage caused by fungal spores. It also rejuvenates the skin and makes the nail free from discoloration after the infection is controlled. 

•    Isopropyl Palmitate: this is an ester from fatty acids, which kills the fungal infections. At the same time, it provides moisture and nourishment to the skin under nails, keeping it well-hydrated. 

•    Undecylenic Acid:Finally, Kerassentials has undecylenic acid inside, a compound that is naturally found in castor oil and has antifungal effects. It shields the nails by offering a protective cover, while the immune system gets an opportunity to repair the damage. It also helps regrow the nails, getting them back to perfect health. 

These ingredients work well and offer maximum protection against the common fungal strains affecting nails. No ingredient inside this serum can cause a side effect or damage the nail or skin. Use this serum carefully and apply it to the affected area only. Make sure the nail is cleaned, washed, and dried before using the serum. Applying it to the wet skin or nails changes its effects; therefore, drying the nails properly is essential. 

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Kerassentials Dosage Guidelines And Results 
Kerassentials is a liquid formula packed in a premium bottle with an applicator inside. Every bottle contains nearly 15 mL of serum inside, which is enough for the whole month. The dosage guidelines shared by the company suggest using a couple of drops on the affected area (nail and cuticles). The ideal period for this product to show good results is up to three months, but they may show up early when the serum is combined with standard hygiene practices. 

There is no fixed time for using this serum, and it can be used any time of the day. The best is to use it every 4-5 hours; that makes 3-4 doses per day. Use the droplet in the applicator on the nail. Never use a finger to spread it, as it may spread the infection. Use a cotton swab instead and spread it all around the nail. Make sure it is fully absorbed so the fungal spread can be targeted better. 

Please do not use it with any chemical fungal solution, herbal remedies, or any other product offering the same effect. Use only one product at a time, and try another if you are not satisfied with the first product. Combining two or more products can cancel or change the effects, which is why it is never recommended. However, you can use it alongside a dietary supplement as a topical solution, and supplement rarely causes an interaction. 

Where To Buy Kerassentials? Price And Discounts 
For now, Kerassentials is only available online and can be purchased from the official website. You will not see it anywhere, including in local stores, pharmacies, and online stores. 

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The company has not authorized any person or party for its sales. The only way to get your hands on the original Kerassentials bottles is through the official website. Do not trust any link or advertisement offering it for a much lesser price, as it is probably a scam. 

The process of ordering Kerassentials is fairly simple. It does not require any expertise to order it. You have to choose how many bottles you want to purchase and add them to the cart. Next, a form appears asking for basic information such as name, address, and mode of payment. Note that the company is only accepting advanced payments for now. You have to pay for it online, using any of the options mentioned on the website. Once the company receives your order and proof of payment, it verifies it. The delivery takes only two to five working days.  

The initial price was over $99 per bottle, but the company has cut it down so that more and more people can afford it. It is also offering discounted bundle packs allowing it to save more money. Here are the pricing details after the discount. 
•    Get one bottle of Kerassentials for $69.00 only.
•    Get three bottles of Kerassentials for $59.00 each
•    Get six bottles of Kerassentials for $49.00 each

Buying a three or six bottles pack is much cheaper than buying one bottle each month. There are no delivery charges, no matter how many bottles you are ordering. This offer is only valid for a limited time and may expire soon. The free delivery offer is only valid for domestic orders, and international orders will be charged as per standard delivery. 

Due to the high demand and sales, there are chances that other companies will like to cash in this opportunity and use a similar name or packaging as Kerassentials to sell their products. Do not fall for a similar product or trust these sellers. Trust no one except the official Kerassentials website to buy this nail serum. 

Kerassentials Refund Policy
The idea of purchasing a product online seems risky, which is why Kerassentials company offers a full money-back offer on all orders. The orders purchased from the official website are covered with a 60-day cash back guarantee. It means if this product does not seem to be working, you can return it and get a refund of your money. There are no questions the company asks, and this process is as easy as ordering the product. 

The customers are required to send the used/unused bottles in the original packing back to the company to get this refund. The company has an active customer support team to help the customers with refunds and other product-related queries. Talk to a customer support representative for refund details.

Only the orders purchased from the official website are approved for refunds. If you have purchased Kerassentials from any other link or shop, the company has no responsibility to refund you. Also, contact the company in time (within 60 days after ordering) for the refund, as the offer expires after this time. 

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Kerassentials Review Summary 
Here is a list of pros and cons of Kerassentials lotion. Read them for a quick recap of this review and decide on purchasing it. 

•    It heals the root cause of fungal nail infections 
•    It controls the spread of fungal infection to other nails 
•    It protects the skin under and around the nail 
•    It heals the damage caused by a fungal infection 
•    It is free from harmful chemicals and toxins 
•    It helps to regrow the nail after the pathogen is removed 
•    It fixes the discoloration caused by fungus 
•    It contains scientifically proven ingredients for fungal infections 
•    It is affordable and comes with a money-back guarantee 

•    It is only available on the official website 
•    It has different results for all users
•    It is not suitable for some people (children, low immunity patients, pregnant women)

Kerassentials Reviews- Conclusion 
Kerassentials nail serum is a trusted and effective formula for controlling fungal toenail infections. The official website has already provided essential details on it, and the customer support team is here to answer any additional questions. The ingredients seem legit, and there are no harmful compounds in them. 

To make it more believable, thousands of customer reviews on Kerassentials serum reveal its truth. These users seem happy and fully satisfied with their experiences and suggest this serum to everyone. None of them reported a side effect or got a refund which shows the product has served its purpose well. 

Lastly, the company offers a 60-day full money-back offer, which means there is no money loss. You can try Kerassentials and see how it goes. In case the results are not as good as you expected, return them and get a refund from the company. The refund policy covers all orders, no matter how many bottles you are ordering. Right now, the company is running a discount offer with free delivery on all Kerassentials orders. Click here to buy Kerassentials with a 60-day money-back guarantee directly from the official website. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Kerassentials Serum 
Read the following to get additional information on Kerassentials nail formula. 

What is the right way to use Kerassentials?
Kerassentials is a topical product that is applied to the nail directly. You can cover the nails and cuticles with this serum. The website states it can be reapplied several times a day. Do not use hands or fingers to apply it to avoid contamination. Use the brush inside the applicator, or take help from a cotton swab to spread it evenly. 

When to expect results from Kerassentials?
There is no standard time for Kerassentials to show the results. They can show up anytime, depending upon the severity of the infection and the response from the body. Some people are able to see visible changes within a few weeks, while others may take up to six months. There are no harmful ingredients in this formula, and it can be used as long as it may take to get rid of the infection. 

Can Kerassentials remove naildiscoloration?
Fungal toenail infections often cause discoloration of the skin by changing the natural shade to white, yellow, black, or brown. This discoloration makes the nails appear bad and also affects the self-esteem of a person. Kerassentials can help get the original nail color back, but it may take a few months. 

Can you buy Kerassentials from Amazon?
The company emphasizes buying it from the official website instead of trusting random links. You may see it on Amazon and other ecommerce platforms, but trusting random sellers can be risky. Choose the official website only for purchasing this product, and get 100% original product. 

Is Kerassentials effective against bacterial infections too?
The Kerassentials serum protects against fungal infections, and the ingredients inside are scientifically proven for fungal control. Only a few of them are helpful against bacterial pathogens too. But it may not be a suitable choice for bacterial infections. Besides, the bacterial strains affecting nail health can vary. Therefore, getting a customized treatment plan from a doctor for bacterial infections is better than trying an antifungal serum. 

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