This genius product makes traveling with anxious pets easier than ever

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If your fur babies need some help staying calm, then you need to give this product a try. (Source: iStock)

If your fur babies need some help staying calm, then you need to give this product a try. (Source: iStock)

Anyone who has ever owned a cat can tell you that cats are known as ‘finicky felines’ for good reason. They’re super sensitive to change and very vocal about that sensitivity. Whether that means a new pet has been introduced into their space or they’re simply going to the vet for a checkup, all cats have something that is sure to set them off.

If your fur baby is prone to stress, then you need to check out Licks – Cat Calming LiquiPak. Instead of trying to get your cat to eat a treat they won’t like or hiding a calming crumble in their food, you can use this liquid alternative. It’s super easy to use and it works like a charm!

Don’t just take our word for it, find out why this shopper on Amazon said ‘IT WORKS’ in all caps in their five-star review:

“My cat and I fly at least 3,000 miles a year. Without Zen, she’d be a wreck. With Zen, she is calm and collected, even when going through an crowded airport in her carrier. […] once she’s in her carrier, she’s fine for hours on end. Zen has worked for her at the groomer, the vet, and during other high-stress situations. […] Easy to double- or triple-dose. Easy to hide in cat food with a strong smell, such as a fish flavor. […]”

If this glowing review isn’t enough to convince you, be sure to read more about the calming kitty liquid packs.

This ‘paw-some’ product can help calm your pets

Keep your cats (or dogs) calm without making them drowsy thanks to this innovative natural product. (Source: Amazon)

$29.99 at Amazon

Keeping cats calm throughout high-stress situations is tough, but these cat calming liquid packs are sure to make it easier. They’re made with all-natural ingredients, so you can feel good while keeping your kitties totally zen. The ingredients are also tasty and effective, making it pretty easy to administer.

You can either apply these liquid packs in your pet’s mouth, onto their paw or directly onto their food. For the extra finicky felines who don’t like the taste or simply know when they’re being medicated, you can easily mix the liquid packs into their favorite wet food or wet treats.

The calming effect is fast acting, and you’ll only have to wait 30 to 60 minutes for the full stress-free feelings to kick in. Not only will these liquid packs keep your kitties calm, but they’ll also keep them relaxed without making them drowsy or sleepy.

Although they’re marketed towards cats, they’re great to use on fur babies with wagging tails too. Finicky felines and crafty canines alike are sure to stay calm when you give them these tasty, calming liquid packs.

This game-changing product is currently priced at just $30 on Amazon for 30 uses. Now you can calm your kitties down in minutes and keep them that way for hours at a time.

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