Brandin Tyrrel

Watch the First Hardspace: Shipbreaker Gameplay Walkthrough

Today we’re looking at something really cool, the very first walkthrough of Hardspace: Shipbreaker. Shipbreaker is an upcoming physics-based strategy/puzzle/demolition/don’t-get-sucked-into-space game heading to early access on PC later this summer and…

Watch Dead Cells' New DLC Animated Trailer

Dead Cells

developer Motion Twin has revealed a new animated trailer for its upcoming DLC update, The Bad Seed, ahead of its February 11 release on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC.
As illustrated in the bittersweet trailer above, Dead Cells’ The Bad…

It's Gonna Be Easier Than Ever to Play Dungeons and Dragons

Everything you need to start playing right now with new one-on-one rules for one dungeon master and one player.
By Brandin Tyrrel

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Today during …