Jonathan Freeman

JavaScript tutorial: Add face detection to your web app

Last week we enhanced a map interface with voice commands using annyang. This week we’ll extend our multi-modal interface even further by adding simple head-tracking using pico.js. Pico.js is a minimal JavaScript library that is closer to a proof-of-co…

JavaScript tutorial: Beyond basic charts with React-vis

Last week we took a first look at React-vis, the open-source charting library, and built up our first bar chart using the City of New York Popular Baby Names data set. This week, we’ll expand on our initial example and show how we can begin to incorpor…

JavaScript tutorial: Easy data visualizations with React-vis

Data visualization is an important part of telling stories, but you can get lost in the weeds with D3.js for hours just to make a few simple charts. If charts are all you need, there are plenty of libraries that wrap D3 and provide you with convenient …

Functional JavaScript: Building data structures from functions

In the past two columns, we’ve looked at higher-order functions and talked a little bit about the power of functional programming. So far, the concepts we’ve covered do little to indicate how powerful the basic building blocks of functional programming…

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