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Vacation Friends Review – IGN

Vacation Friends premieres on Hulu on Friday, Aug. 27.

Vacation Friends, starring Lil Rel Howery and John Cena, may not reach the absolute heights of comedy, but it’s still an enjoyable hang featuring fun chemistry and another standout performance by …

He’s All That Review – IGN

He’s All That premieres Friday, Aug. 27 on Netflix.

He’s All That, a reworked and gender-flipped reboot of 1999’s teen rom-com She’s All That, is a deftly charming and capable update that takes the original premise, revolving around a glow-up “makeove…

Jungle Cruise Review – IGN

Jungle Cruise premieres in theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access on Friday, July 30.

Jungle Cruise is one heck of a summertime ride, thanks in large part to the delightfully memorable duo at its center. Co-stars Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt anchor …