OnePlus updates its company logo

OnePlus has officially updated its company logo (above) after the redesigns leaked in the tech press. The new logo has ‘ONEPLUS’ in a new font and the same thickness lettering, rather than the split of bold and regular typeface on the old logo (below)….

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OnePlus Ideas is a new way for users to submit feedback for products

Smartphone maker OnePlus has just announced the launch of a new platform for its community members. This new platform will allow users to submit feedback and new ideas for OnePlus products. In fact, the company went on to add that one can also provide feedback to improve the brand. The company is calling this new platform, “OnePlus Ideas”. OnePlus already allows users to submit feedback and bug fixes with its OnePlus Community app. However, all these ideas are private and directly each OnePlus. It is likely that some, if not most of these ideas are similar feature requests that result in duplication. This new platform is here to fix the issue of duplication and then some.

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OnePlus Ideas platform details

The company shared a dedicated post on its OnePlus forums to share the details about OnePlus Ideas. Taking a closer look, this platform will allow other users to comment on the ideas or feedback. It also allows other OnePlus community members to vote on a particular idea. This will allow OnePlus to see what ideas are most requested and allocate resources accordingly. This crowd-sourcing of ideas and feedback is not new and a number of software and product developers already use similar platforms. OnePlus revealed that it is currently opening the platform as part of its global beta run in the software area.

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As per the forum post, users need to log in using their OnePlus account to join the platform. They can submit an idea with the help of available times on the platform. OnePlus requests users to keep the idea neat and clear so others can understand and support it.

In addition, the users can also leave comments on other ideas while providing their view for any improvements. The company will run this campaign until April 30, 2020. OnePlus will review and select ideas every two weeks across four different rounds. Each round, the company will select the top five ideas and ranked on the basis of the total number of likes. Oxygen OS product team will review, discuss and reply to these top five ideas. If an idea is selected and implemented via the software R&D team, OnePlus will offer corresponding rewards to users. One can check the awards and rules on the original post.

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