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Get Ready for Next Gen with These Brand-New TCL 6-Series 4K TVs

TCL has just released its 2020 lineup of 5-Series and 6-Series 4K TVs. The company has always offered a high level of quality for an affordable price, and this year’s models continue to deliver on that tradition. Of these two new lines, far and away the best choice for anyone looking to upgrade their TV for PS5 or Xbox Series X is the new TCL 6-Series. Amazon has the 55-inch model available now for $649. Based on its features, that’s a fantastic value.In particular, the 6-Series TVs are nicely specced out for what the next-gen consoles will offer. They’re the first TVs to feature THX Certified Game Mode, a new industry standard for gaming performance on big-screen TVs. It covers things like color, speed, and input lag, with an eye toward next-gen consoles. You can read more about it here.

2020 TCL 6-Series 4K HDR TVs

55" 6-Series 4K HDR QLED Roku Smart TV - 55R635


55″ 6-Series 4K HDR QLED Roku Smart TV – 55R635

65" 6-Series 4K HDR QLED Roku Smart TV - 65R635
75" 6-Series 4K HDR QLED Roku Smart TV - 75R635

These TVs offer 4K Ultra HD using QLED technology and mini-LED backlighting, which is practically unheard of at this price point. TCL debuted mini-LED technology last year on its high-end 8-Series, but now it has trickled down to the much more affordable 6-Series. Mini-LED backlighting basically means the picture has better contrast, eliminating the splotchiness you often see in dark scenes on older TVs.

The 6-Series has full support for HDR standards, plus a variable refresh rate up to 120Hz. That refresh rate will be a key feature when the PS5 and Xbox Series X arrive. And unlike many other TVs on the market, they come with 4 HDMI inputs, which is great for anyone with multiple game consoles.

They also have Roku software pre-installed for easy access to your streaming services. Amazon currently only has the 55-inch model in stock. Best Buy is sold out of that model, but has the 65- and 75-inch models in stock now.

If the 6-Series costs more than you’re looking to spend, the 5 Series is a solid alternative, and incredibly low-priced for TVs with QLED displays. The problem is, the 5-Series has fewer local dimming zones and only offers a 60Hz refresh rate. Anyone looking to get the most out of their next-gen consoles would be better off splurging on a 6-Series. But if you’re just looking for a QLED TV in general, the 5-Series prices are excellent.

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