HQ Trivia app shuts down as company folds

HQ Trivia, a quiz app that once took the world by storm by running live quizzes for cash prizes, is officially dead after parent company HQ shuttered its doors.HQ laid off its 25 staff, confirmed by a note acquired by CNN reporter Kerry Flynn&nbsp…

Plant-based burgers are “ultra-processed” like dog food, meat-backed ads say

Enlarge / The White Castle Impossible Slider is significantly heftier than the White Castle Beef Slider.
Eric Bangeman
A public-relations firm backed by meat producers has unleashed a savage marketing campaign that claims plant-based meat alternatives …

Call of Duty: Every IGN Review Score

Pop quiz: how many Call of Duty

games have there been? With the all-over-the-place naming convention it’s hard to figure out – four WW2 games, three four Modern Warfares, four Black Ops, a World at War, and a few futuristic one-offs in a pear tree…