Give your Windows PC or Mac a spring clean and performance boost with Parallels Toolbox

Does your Windows PC or Mac feel a bit slow and sluggish? Is it complaining at you that you’re running out of disk space? Do you have loads of duplicated files all over the place that are just wasting disk space?
Enter Parallels Toolbox.
Developed by P…

The Asus C436: All of the practicality of a Chromebook with none of the compromises

For a long time, a premium Chromebook felt like a contradiction in terms – outside of Google’s own devices, there weren’t exactly dozens of high-quality laptops coming out running Chrome OS.
That’s far from true now, though, and one of the very best Ch…

Save £30 on the 10.2in iPad at John Lewis

John Lewis has snipped £30 from the cost of the 10.2-inch Apple iPad, selling the tablet with 128GB storage for £399.
The deal is available for the Space Grey and Silver models of the iPad, and comes with two years guarantee. John Lewis also claims tha…