The Batman: Jeffrey Wright Reveals His Comic Research for Jim Gordon Role

As production on The Batman kicks off (and set photos circulate of a fully batsuit-ed Robert Pattison riding a batcycle), actor Jeffrey Wright has shared some of the reading he’s doing to prep for his role as Jim Gordon.In his Instagram post, Wright, w…

Two passengers from coronavirus-stricken cruise ship die in Japan

Enlarge / OKOHAMA, JAPAN – 2020/02/20: Former passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship leave on a chartered bus after spending weeks on board in quarantine.
Getty | SOPA Images
Two former passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship have died i…

Best DNA testing kits 2020: From ancestry to genetics, these are the ones to buy

All of us would probably like to know where we come from, and whether we’re susceptible to diseases or conditions linked to our family’s health history.
Unfortunately, not everyone has access to that sort of information, usually because their ancestry …