Microsoft unveils the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

To meet the growing demands of an expanding digital market, Microsoft has launched the new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.The first Xbox console hit shelves back in 2001 and within this period consumers have increasingly gravitated toward digital exper…

Complete Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Preorder Guide

Embrace the all-digital future.
By Chris Reed

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Many have suspected an all-digital future was coming, but Microsoft is taking real steps to make …

Microsoft Unveils Xbox One S All-Digital Console

Pay less, get everything but the disc reader.
By Brandin Tyrrel

Today Microsoft confirmed the long-rumored discless Xbox One, dubbed the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.
Priced at $250 USD and available worldwide on May 7, the Xbox One S All-Digital …

Xbox One S All-Digital release date, pricing and feature rumours

It’s not the Xbox Two, but Microsoft is gearing up to release a new console in the coming months. Per reports and leaks, Microsoft’s upcoming console is a little brother to the Xbox One S, offering a cheaper way into Microsoft’s Xbox ecosystem for new …