Artificial Intelligence

Amazon makes Alexa Conversations generally available

Amazon on Monday announced the general availability of Alexa Conversations, a deep learning-based dialog manager for the Alexa Skills Kit. The tool, first introduced in preview in 2019, helps developers create more natural conversations with customers….

How AI redefines advertising in 2021

Advertising as a sector is notorious for major paradigm shifts. That’s because the shell game of grabbing consumers’ attention never stops, and as programmatic advertising gave way to influencers gave way to branded content gave way to … and on and o…

Explaining explainable AI

In 2020, one message in the artificial intelligence (AI) market came through loud and clear: AI’s got some explaining to do! 

Explainable AI (XAI) has long been a fringe discipline in the broader world of AI and machine learning. It exists becau…