Here is how to follow along with the Microsoft Build 2017 event

Why it matters to you

Microsoft Build 2017 is your best chance to find out what the company is up to and what to expect to see in the near future.

Microsoft Build 2017 starts on Wednesday, kicking off the company’s most important event for convincing developers to build solutions around Microsoft products and services. Build 2017 is also a great opportunity to learn about those technologies that are most important to Microsoft and therefore to get a glimpse of what is coming from the company over the next year or so.

If you’re interested in following along with Build 2017, then there are a few ways to do so. Note that the conference starts with the first keynote at 8 a.m. (PT).

We’ve already covered what we expect Microsoft to highlight at Build 2017[1], and here is a quick list of the topics we think will take front and center at the event:

  • Visual Studio 2017: Microsoft’s primary development toolset was introduced in March and is likely to be heavily featured throughout the conference.
  • Windows 10: Redstone 3, Windows 10 S, Universal Windows Platform, and Project Centennial are all central to Microsoft’s various strategies and are likely to be covered in both the keynotes and in various sessions.
  • Windows Mixed Reality: Microsoft has built virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) functionality into Windows 10 and its partners are making low-cost headsets for delivery this holiday season. Expect Windows Mixed Reality to receive significant attention.
  • Cortana Skills Kit and Cortana-powered devices: Microsoft will likely officially introduce the Cortana Skills Kit and provide some coverage to the Harman Kardon Invoke and other Cortana-powered devices.
  • Cloud computing: Microsoft Azure is an important revenue-generating product for Microsoft and it is growing fast. The company wants developers to build solutions for Azure and so cloud-computing will receive significant attention.
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and bots: Microsoft has more irons in the artificial intelligence fire than just Cortana and Build 2017 will likely continue the emphasis on these technologies that were also important at Build 2016[2].

If you are hoping to see new Surface hardware at Build 2017, then you are likely to be disappointed. However, everything else that is interesting about Microsoft is likely to get at least some coverage over the event’s three information-packed days.


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