Neanderthals may have interbred with a much older human lineage

Enlarge / OK, which one of you is the father?
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Shortly before the publication of the first Neanderthal genome, a number of researchers had seen hints that there might be something strange lurking in the statistics of the …

Human activities responsible for more methane emissions than thought

David Seibold
It’s called the “bomb curve”—a drastic spike in the amount of radioactive (but harmless) carbon-14 in the atmosphere, ushered in by the nuclear age. Scientists can sometimes utilize it as a marker in time when it’s captured by som…

Two passengers from coronavirus-stricken cruise ship die in Japan

Enlarge / OKOHAMA, JAPAN – 2020/02/20: Former passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship leave on a chartered bus after spending weeks on board in quarantine.
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Two former passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship have died i…