Fastest VPN in 2021

Most people choose to use a VPN for privacy and security reasons. They want to be able to obscure their location, change their apparent country of origin, prevent their data from being intercepted, and — sometimes — violate terms of service by watchi…

The long demise of Silicon Valley… and its coming rise

Google’s HQ from above.
Photo: Tom ForemskiPeople seem to love to read about the demise of Silicon Valley and it’s largest city San Francisco, or at least the media loves to write that story, time and time again, and often on the slightest pretext.

Virgin gives free access to premium kids TV for all customers

This promotion will be available until 3 March 2021. Virgin offered the same deal back in Spring 2020 during the first lockdown, and now its returned just before the February half-term break.Shows that people will be able to tune into include Blippi, P…

Google should really open source Chromium

On March 15, 2021, Google will limit access to many Chrome application programming interfaces (API) inside the open-source Chromium web browser. Google’s doing this because, “third-party Chromium-based browsers integrating Google cloud-based features, …