What the heck does the Google vs. Oracle decision mean?

You can be forgiven if you’re not 100 percent certain what the US Supreme Court ruled in its Google vs. Oracle decision. Yes, we know that “Google won” — or, as Justice Stephen Breyer wrote, “Google’s copying [of the Java API] did not violate the copyr…

Google vs. Oracle: The ruling at the US Supreme Court

Yesterday, the US Supreme Court ruled that Google’s usage of Java APIs was legal, and the US IT industry breathed a sigh of relief.

The Supreme Court’s decision 
What exactly did the court say? The ruling itself was very narrow. The dispute…

Jury orders Apple to pay $308 million in royalties for DRM patent

Enlarge / The federal courthouse in Marshall, Texas.
Photo by Mario Villafuerte/Bloomberg via Getty Images
A jury in the plaintiff-friendly Eastern District of Texas has ordered Apple to pay $308.5 million to a small, privately held company for infring…

Valheim: A Complete Guide to Every Item and Spawn Code



Location/Crafting Recipe
Item Spawn Code
Blood Pudding

2 Bloodbag
4 Barley flour

It’s bloody tasty.

Tiny but tasty.

10 Barley flour

A tasty loaf of bread.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth allied races guide

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth introduced the Allied races into the wildly popular MMORPG. Ten new races were made available for players to explore; five for the Horde and five for the Alliance. No matter where your allegiance lies, these new ra…