Dogs have been our best friends for at least 23,000 years

Enlarge / So far, the remains of the very earliest dogs are almost impossible to tell apart from wolves. Their skeletons, their genomes, and the isotopic signatures of their diets all look so much like wolves that archaeologists can’t reliably say who’…

The long demise of Silicon Valley… and its coming rise

Google’s HQ from above.
Photo: Tom ForemskiPeople seem to love to read about the demise of Silicon Valley and it’s largest city San Francisco, or at least the media loves to write that story, time and time again, and often on the slightest pretext.

Best battery life phone 2021

No matter what you’re looking for in a smartphone, one thing’s certain, you’ll want to make sure it offers decent battery life.It’s no good having a phone with a killer display for streaming video or a top-notch camera if it turns into a paperweight af…

Grado GT220 review: Light on features but sonically superb

Grado has been making headphones since 1993 but the GT220 are its first venture into the world of true wireless earbuds. Given the Brooklyn-based company has historically created beautifully crafted open-back, on-ear headphones, the GT220 represent a s…