The Realme GT 5G is the world’s cheapest Snapdragon 888 phone

The Realme GT 5G.

A close-up of the yellow version, which has a faux-leather back.

The color options.

There are an awful lot of cameras for a phone that is supposedly not focused on the cameras.

The bottom edg…

Vivo TWS Neo review

If you haven’t heard of Vivo, fear not. The Chinese tech company only really made itself known in the UK and Europe at the tail end of 2020, when it launch a quartet of Android phones – and alongside them these, the TWS Neo earbuds.
The name stands fo…

Best battery life phone 2021

No matter what you’re looking for in a smartphone, one thing’s certain, you’ll want to make sure it offers decent battery life.It’s no good having a phone with a killer display for streaming video or a top-notch camera if it turns into a paperweight af…